Why are our herbs so special?

We are independent advisors/distributors of ShapeRite® Products. ShapeRite has been in business for approximately eight years and has made it their goal to offer only the best quality of herbal products. Most of ShapeRite’s products have been created in their own labs; however, realizing certain products can only come from various parts of the world, ShapeRite has bought the rights to market those products here in America.

All of ShapeRite’s products must meet three (3) stringent tests:

1. Guaranteed Potency:

  • All of the herbs in their products have passed stringent tests to make sure that a consistent potency will be maintained.
  • You will receive the same high grade and quality in the bottle purchased today as the one purchased several months from now.

2. Standardized:

  • Several key herbs in their products have passed stringent tests, beyond those tests that are required to guarantee their potency.
  • This helps ensure that the consumer receives the greatest benefits of the herbs.
  • Less than 2% of all herbs in the world are actually standardized.
  • The Herbal Formulas are formulated in combinations that work together to make the most out of each individual herb. This is called a synergistic effect.

3. Kosher Approved:

  • A very high standard of cleanliness and purity has to be maintained in the manufacturing of their products.
  • No animal products are used in their formulas.

Are herbs safe to take?

Herbs have been used since the beginning of time. The Chinese, for instance, have been documenting the positive effect of herbs for over 5,000 years. Can we say the same for modem medicine? Of the 8,000 prescriptions offered by doctors, 75% (or 6,000) have been developed only within the last 15 years. ShapeRite’s herbs are all formulated in Tonic strength, rather than medicinal strength, and are very safe. We do not say that these products will cure clients, but herbs help to improve your overall health and encourage the body systems to move into a very healthy state.