At Natural-Shapes, we specialize in all natural hair styles and treatment. We even tend to those who are making the “transition” to having natrual hair. Use the Selection menu below to get more information on what we can do for you!!!!!

  • Naturals (Our Specialty!!!)
  • Premium Twist Extensions (Our Specialty)
  • Braids

Naturals (Our Specialty!!!)

Natural Two Strand Twist (no hair extentions)

  • Natural One Strand Twist (gel/comb twist)
  • Cornrows/Flat Twist
  • Starter Locs (includes Natural Deep Therapy)
  • Loc Maintenance (twist new-growth)
  • Loc Grooming (lint removal)

Premium Twist Extensions (Our Specialty)

Natural-Shapes creates twist extensions using soft feather light silky fibers. This hair promotes hair growth and is not coarse, heavy or damaging to your hair. It absorbs the nutrients from your favorite conditioners.

ALERT! Using Harsh “Marley” fibers can be damaging to your hair

  • Flat Twist with extensions
  • Gel Twist with hair (light weight)
  • Afro Style Twist (Our premium natural strands)*
  • Silky Strand Twist (Our premium silky strands hair)*
  • Nubian Tress Twists (Our premium natural silky strands)*
  • Sister Twists (Our premium natural silky stands)*
  • Yarn Twists
  • Senegalese Twists