Natural-Shapes is a direct supplier of 100% Shea Butter from Africa. Some companies alter their Shea Butter in an attempt to give it a better fragrance and texture. Others alter Shea Butter for economic reasons. These alterations may disturb or in some cases destroy the natural integrity of the product. While the Shea Butter may smell pleasant or when mixed with other ingredients become more economical, you may have nothing more than a basic skin moisturizer. It is important to retain the original potency and healing properties of the Karite Shea nut. We will always seek to give you the best quality shea butter available. We sell our 100% pure shea butter products at trade shows and directly to retail outlets across the United States . We also sell other wholesale care products such as Black Soap and other personal beauty products.

Skin Benefits:

Unique to shea butter is it’s high content of non-saponifiable fats. This natural fatty acid action is felt at the cellular level and contributes to the regeneration process of dry and wrinkled skin and can be used to treat rheumatism and aching muscles.


Shea butter penetrates deep into your skin and gives it back its elasticity. It will revitalize, soften and maintain moisture to your skin without greasiness.


Shea butter’s high content of vitamins A, E & F will provide your skin with all the essential elements it needs for good skin balance.

*For use on all skin types.

Hair Benefits:

Shea Butter will add and maintain moisture to dry and brittle hair, revitalizes, repairs and prevents breakage and split ends and promotes hair growth. Also protects your hair from damaging sun rays, excessive heat, perms and dyes. Unlike petroleum – based products, it will not clog pores and block hair shaft, allowing for easy breathing and stimulating growth. Use it as a conditioning sheen to maintain hair’s natural shine, improve manageability and before swimming to protect you hair against chlorine or sea salt.