There are many different weight loss diets and programs. They include do-it-yourself weight loss programs (aided by weight loss support groups), non-clinical weight loss programs incorporating their own weight loss diet plan, supervised clinical weight loss regimens and a wealth of online diet plans to choose from. In fact, the Internet offers a huge range of weight loss products, books, software, pharmaceuticals and weight loss supplements.

At Natural-Shapes, we have a wieght loss program that can fit into your everyday events as well as help you lose weight in a timely manner.

20 Day Starter Program

This Package contains 5 fiber packets 5 Phytolax in a blister pack and 5 teabags and 15 packets of Tri-Lite Classic or Tri-Lite Plus


  • No Dairy
  • No Red Meat
  • No Caffeine
    • (1) Pack of Fiber (red pack) before dinner..
    • Drink (1) cup of *Tea around dinner time.
    • At bedtime: Take one Phytolax

Do this everyday for 5 days. *(Each tea-bag makes 8 oz) Once you have cleansed your body, you are ready for the weight manage- ment program. On Day 6, begin your weight management program as follows:

STAGE 2: (WEIGHT/INCHES) – Day 6 – 20 Tri-Lite Plus

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and take 2 capsules before 3:00 PM for 2 days. On your 3rd day, take 4 capsules (1 complete package) and gradually work your way to two packs per day (optional).The secret is consistency and the right program.

  • ShapeFast: Increases energy and burns white fat cells
  • Catalyst: Builds lean muscle
  • Metabolite: Regulates your metabolism
  • Tea 4-Life: gives the body a good cleanse in conjunction with the Fiber Cleanse and helps our bodies break down and utilize our food more efficiently, improve nutrition.